About Organic Shetland

Here on our 75 Acre farm we produce Organic meat & wool.

Our farm lands have not seen any type of chemicals used since 1975.

The pastures the sheep graze are completely organic. The hay & Grains we produce that the sheep eat are produced to the highest organic standard.














We raise wool from our Registered shetland sheep. Real Shetland sheep produce soft-as-silk fleece. Registered means they are all subject to strict regulations set out by ''The Shetland Breed Society''

We hand picked our Original Flock imported from the Shetland Islands in the U.K for Fine Soft crimpy wool/Fibre that when processed in our mill to our own specifications produces knitwear garments & yarns that are very soft & can be worn next to the skin without the scratchy irritation that is most often associated with domestic sheep wool. ***we guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality & softness of our shetland wool yarns & knitwear ***














Due to the high quality of our organic meat we retail most of our fall/Autumn lambs to the restaurant trade in Quebec City, we do however always have some prime cuts of Frozem Lamb available throughout the year. To purchase fresh lamb you need to contact us in early fall (september) to reserve your fresh lamb.



All our lambs are born in the Spring & allowed to grow out over the summer months, in the fall we make a selection of the quality animals for future breeding & some special individuls can be purchased at this time in the Autumn. Rams & Ewes are $250.00 each & are Registered with the breed society.


***Rest assured all shetland wool that goes into to making our yarns & knitwear is of the highest quality & finest wool that is soft, light weight Silky & warm......Real Shetland Wool from Real Shetland Sheep !

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