Shetland Tundra yarns.....

Totally Awesome & soft. We blend our best Shetland Lambs wool with 15% Musk ox (Qiviut) to make a totally unique blend of knitting wool for your knitting pleasure.

Relax, Knit & enjoy your craft with Shetland Tundra wool !

100_2980 Shetland Tundra yarns

Natural white-has a pearly grey tinge due to the qiviut Fiber added





Shetland Tundra is a perfectly soft light worsted weight blend of 85% Organic Shetland Lamb Fleece & 15% Luxury Qiviut (musk oxen). Yardage is 170 yds, put up in 50 gram skeins. $18.00 each. Use to make hats, mittens, socks, sweaters. All prices are in Canadian dollars !

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Purchase Black Shetland Tundra :

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Purchase Moorit Shetland Tundra:

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Please note: the yarns above are an example of the fleece colours- you will receive yarns that are from the same colour family but not indentical as all sheep have a variation in fleece shade !

Example-we have several shades of grey & several shades of fawn.

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